Tuesday, December 13, 2011

101 Things Update

Since I have reached the halfway point of my 101 Things Challenge, I decided to revisit this list of mine and change the items that I'm no longer interested in or I'm no longer able to complete to something that is a little more realistic or has recently become important to me.  First, let me explain which items I'm removing, and why:

3.  Review my finances on a monthly basis for 6 months so I can, hopefully, stay on track.
While I know I SHOULD be doing this, I kind of think that it's just too hard to measure...therefore, it has to go!

8.  Purchase a window treatment for my laundry room, foyer, and spare bathroom.
No, I'm not proud that many of the items related to my home haven't gotten wrapped up during the last year and a half.  However, it looks as if Patrick and I will be living in his house after the wedding...and, let's face it...If I haven't had time to do these things in the last 16 months, I'm probably NOT going to find time before we get married.  =(

9.  Purchase new appliances for my kitchen.
Please see #8 above.  =)

10.  Fix my drippy sink all by myself.
Please see #8 above.  =)

27.  Make a photo book of mine and Patrick's trip to St. Louis.
I hate it I never got this done...and I REALLY hope I do complete it one day.  However, it's not looking good with everything else on my plate, so I've decided to make photo books of more recent events.

33.  Borrow my sister's bike and actually ride it.
For some reason, I just never did this and now I've lost interest...shocking!

41.  Apply and be accepted to Nashville's Young Leaders Council.
Even though I would have LOVED to do this, and I think it would have been excellent training, the whole purpose is to learn how to serve on a Board.  Since I just joined my 2nd board, I think it may no longer be necessary...also, I think it takes up a LOT of time...that I don't have.  =(

45.  Watch every Glee episode to date.
I really just stopped watching this show, so I don't really see that it makes sense to go back and watch them all.

50.  Send 5 thank-you cards to various individuals who deserve them.
Again, too hard to measure!  I'm sure I've actually done this and just can't remember who they've been sent to...

52.  Get my old TV set up in my bedroom.
Please see #8 above.  =)

54.  Purchase and hang pictures for all walls in my condo.
Please see #8 above.  =)

55.  Purchase a small table for my foyer.
Please see #8 above.  =)

57.  Put in new floors in both my full bathrooms.
Please see #8 above.  =)

58.  Install a new showerhead in my bathroom.
Please see #8 above...this is getting out of control.  =)

60.  Buy furniture for the patio outside my bedroom.
Please see #8 above.  =)

73.  Go to a UT vs. South Carolina football game.
Since my sister graduates in May, I doubt I'm going to make this one...sorry Laura.  =(

80.  Don't check e-mail for an entire day at work.
Let's face it...it's 2011, and just not possible...

88.  Babysit Peppermint for an entire weekend.
Sorry mom and dad...I think we all agree though that with Zoey this probably won't work out now!

Now without further adu...here are the NEW and improved 101 Things items:

3.  Get married!
8.  Successfully combine houses with Patrick.
9.  Get an iPad.
10.  Visit the Hermitage.
27.  Run a half marathon in under 2:30.
33.  Make a wedding photo book.
41.  Make a photo book of our engagement pictures.
45.  Learn how to make homemade ice cream from my mom.
50.  Have a blogger meet-up.
52.  Gain 100 blog followers.
54.  Register Zoey for agility classes.
55.  Fill up my Pandora bracelet with charms.
57.  Have a yard sale.
58.  Buy a house.
60.  Give up caffeine for a week.
73.  Blog ever work day for a month.
80.  Teach Zoey to "Say the Blessing."
88.  Get a sponsor for my blog.

Well, there you have it!  Wish me luck!!!!!

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Anna Catherine said...

I like the list!! Fun stuff!