Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Late Weekend Update!

Yes, I'm still running behind...not sure what is wrong with me lately, but I'm just REALLY having a hard time finding the time to blog...well, I'm determined to get caught up free night this week!  

Last weekend (2 weekends ago, that is), my beau and I decided to have a fun date night because we hadn't gotten to spend a lot of quality time together recently.  What better place to go than Ruth's Chris...YUMMY!  We had a great time and really enjoyed spending time together.  =)

Saturday morning was met with a run at my favorite place in Nashville, Radnor Lake.  If you are from this town and have never been here, go tomorrow...seriously, it's that awesome!  After that, I ran home and got ready for one of the strangest events I have ever been to...The Third Annual Sausage Fest...

Yep, I went to a fesitval about nothing but was VERY strange that not only was there sausage, there was also wrestling.  I know, I should be embarrassed, and I admit, I am...Here are afew pics of some of the "sites":
I think this guy's name was Joe Banana... 
Stand back ladies...I think this guy's taken...and I think this girl will beat you up for him.  =)
Yes, it was extremely strange, and yes, I can't believe I actually went, but I have to admit, it was a LITTLE fun...just the people watching part...Promise!  I did take advantage of a good photo op for Patrick and me:
Unfortunately (okay..I actually meant FORTUNATELY) we couldn't stay...BECAUSE it was Kat's 30th birthday!  Finally, she was joining me in the 30 club and we wanted to be there to celebrate!  We spent the evening in Arrington Vineyards (my second favorite place in Nashville).  It started out being a beautiful night, but there were a few showers...we didn't let it ruin our fun though...we still enjoyed wine tastings, bbq, and smores...sounds like a good night to me!
I got to feed this adorable little girl while her mommy and daddy went on a wine tasting.  She is so sweet! 
This picture doesn't do the sunset justice...

Me with my beau!

The whole gang!
After sleeping in on Sunday, I set out on a mission to run a bizillion errands and to mark things off my to-do was amazing...oh, and I also ran my 4 mile training run...

It was a great weekend, and we had an awesome time...can't wait to tell you about THIS past weekend though...wonder why?  =)

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