Monday, June 14, 2010

Paintings, Budgets, and Galas, Oh My!

For the last several weeks, I have been soooooo excited because I was looking forward to last Wednesday when my mom came to town to cash in her Mother's Day gift (a Gift Certificate to Paint + Canvas).  We arrived at the location only to find out we were the only people signed up for the class.  Because the teacher is so wonderful, she informed us we could scan the wall and pick another picture if we liked.  We found one we both loved and got to work.  I was so proud of my mom for her first painting; she did an excellent job and LOVED it!  I am so mad that I forgot to take a picture of our paintings, because they looked really cool!

My weekend was really busy.  Friday night was spent meeting to prepare the budget for the 2010-2011 Fiscal year of the Nashville Junior Chamber.  I will be giving up my Treasurer duties as of July 1, and becoming an elected Board Member.  While I have enjoyed keeping up with the money of the NJC for the last 2 years, I am excited to venture into my new position!

Saturday night was the Nashville Junior Chamber Gala!  This is a night to celebrate all members and recognize the ones who have stood out during the year.  Stacy and Andrew hosted us for a pre-party beforehand, and then we hopped in a cab and headed downtown. 

Patrick and I posing for the camera.

These guys sure do clean up well!  And congrats to Chase for winning Board Member of the Year.

Stacy, Rachel and I -- Cab Buddies

Congrats to Casey for winning the Sherry Glover Award

All of the new Board Members (minus Nini) -- So glad to be serving with these ladies!

Dancing the night away, as usual!

The famous Boxing Game -- Patrick was sooooo good!

After waking up Sunday and surprisingly NOT having a hangover, we decided to head to grab Sunday Brunch at a place neither of us had been, Copper Kettle.  We loved it and definitely recommend it for a nice tasty breakfast in Nashville.  After that, we drove to the Hill Center in Green Hills and walked around a little bit.  After that, it was time to head to our final kickball game of the Spring season.  It was sooooooo HOT, but we managed to pull out a win, so that was great!  We ended the weekend with a nice dinner at Chili's with Kat and Mickey!  A nice end to another CRAZY-BUSY weekend!


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