Monday, June 14, 2010

One Last Relaxing Weekend!

On Memorial Day Weekend, the much anticipated Sex and the City 2 was released.  While my girls and I wanted to see the movie, we all decided that perhaps we weren't SO excited that we had to see it opening weekend.  Therefore, we ventured out on the Wednesday after it was released.  On June 2, Kathleen, Lindy, Andrea and myself met at Baja Burrito (my absolute FAVORITE "build your own burrito"), and much to our surprise, the power was out.  They said they would still serve us if we had cash, so we decided to partake in their wonderful food.  After that we headed over to Hollywood 27 to watch the movie.  I enjoyed it a lot and actually liked it better than the first one in a lot of ways.  I'm not sure the other girls agreed, but all in all, it was a fun night.

Because of the craziness that summer brings, and also because of weddings, trips, and various other events, the first weekend in June was one of the last weekends I had this summer to simply relax.  On Friday night, I participated in some much desired "Melissa time" and just hung out at home.  Sat. was spent with a make-up kickball game, and then Patrick and I decided to have a date night at the Taste of Music City.  Despite the venue and set-up change, we had a great time.  I see this event as a great way to celebrate downtown Nashville, and after the events at the beginning of May, I think we are all ready to appreciate this great city!


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