Monday, June 14, 2010

30th Birthday!

Well, I have to say that even though I had great intentions with writing a blog, I haven't been the most diligent.  Therefore, I have made it my personal mission to try to write 1 blog per week (and also to work out more often...we shall see how that goes)  =). 

Since this blog started partly because I turned 30, I suppose that's the best place for me to start.  My 30th Birthday was honestly one of the best days of my life, to date.  It started out the same way it does every year, with a phone call from my amazing mother!  She always says that she is so proud of me and that she prays for me and thanks God for me everyday.  How could you not be happy when your b-day starts out like that?  =)  I arrived at work that morning to a decorated office and plenty of goodies for everyone to share.
After working a half day, I headed home to put the final touches on everything for my party that evening.  It was supposed to be at the trendy cabana at Werthan Lofts, but alas there was a ginormous thunderstorm that came through about 2 hours before the event.  Therefore, we moved the party to my house.  It was a great time!  All of my closest friends came, including some great friends from Knoxville and my brother and sister, who I never seem to get to spend enough time with:
SOOOOO glad that Andi and Rob drove in from Knoxville!!!!!

Elaine and Ken also made it to town!

Super happy to be celebrating with this guy in my life!!!  =)

Several other great friends who attended the party.

Once the party started to die down, several of us (much to Patrick and Mickey's protests) headed downtown to mine and Kathleen's favorite country bar, The Stage!  Since both of our boyfriends are extremely anti-Country music, neither of us feel like we get enough of this place anymore.  I think we both were secretly looking forward to this part of the night more than anything else.
Daniel and Laura enjoyed their night out in Nash-Vegas!

So glad Alysia and Kevana joined us! (Rumor has it these lovely ladies were quite popular at The Stage!)

Thanks for being such a great BFF, Kat!!!

Looks like Patrick had fun despite his cries that he HATES country music.  =)

The next morning, Patrick and I had breakfast with my brother and sister before they headed back to Knoxville, THEN he surprised me with a trip horseback riding.  It was amazing, and such a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon:
We had a great time, but needless to say, it rained and we were SOAKED!!!!!

We finished the evening off with a wonderful dinner at The Palm...I had never been there before so we decided to splurge!  What a wonderful Birthday!  I can't wait to see what the next year holds!!!!!


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