Saturday, August 9, 2014

Oliver Bailey–2 Months!


Height & Weight: 10 pounds, 4 ounces and 22.5 inches long

Sleep: Just like last month, you sleep GREAT at night! You usually go to bed between 8:00-10:00 and wake up between 4:00-6:00. An ideal night at our house involves bath time and your last bottle at 9:00, then a little cuddle time and then to bed for approximately 7-8 hours.

The daytime is another story…you usually take a 30 minute to 1 hour nap after each feeding, but you certainly love to be entertained during the day. =)


Diet: You are currently eating 5 bottles per day with 4-6 oz. of breastmilk or formula.

Diapers: Size 1s all the way! So far, I think Pampers are our favorites…although, the Target Up and Up brand are a close 2nd.

Clothes: You officially fit into MOST of your 0-3 months clothes. I couldn’t be happier about this because I feel like we have an entire closet full of this size. You can still wear some of your newborn clothes, too, so we are trying to get a few more wears out of those cute items before it’s too late.

Favorite Things: Activity mat, Boppy (for propping), bouncer, swing, Bright Starts Cozy Coos Deluxe, Chicco Baby Carrier


Likes: You really are a happy baby these days! You still love to be held and entertained, but you also love laying and playing on your activity mat, relaxing on your Bobby, your swing, taking a bath, going on walks with Mommy in the Baby Carrier, being out and about, and watching TV (I know there are many different opinions about children watching TV, but we have decided a little TV won’t kill you). =)  Finally, you LUV Hip Hop music and it’s sometimes the only thing that will calm you down when you’re grumpy!

Dislikes: Being hungry (me, too baby boy, me too) and being tired…the only other thing you HATE is not being picked up as SOON as you decide it’s time…I suspect daycare will break you of this spoiled, rotten habit. =)

Social: This has been another busy month for you! You absolutely love to be out and about and Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t have it any other way. This month, you attended church, went to several lunches with Mommy and some friends, and also went to several restaurants with Mommy and Daddy in the evenings and on the weekends. In addition to that, you also went on your first road trip this month when we all traveled to Knoxville for Daddy’s 20 Year High School Reunion. You and Mommy decided to stay and visit with Mimi and Pops for the week; during this time, you also visited your first 2 states outside of TN (North Carolina and South Carolina) when we traveled to help Aunt Laura pick out a wedding dress.


Milestones: This has been a very exciting month! Not only are you now officially sleeping in your crib full time, but you also rolled over this month! It scared you to death because you couldn’t figure out how to get your head turned around so you could breathe easily…thank goodness I was right there to turn you onto your back; you haven’t been brave enough to try it again, and I suspect it may be awhile before that happens. You also had your 2 months shots, so you are officially ready to go to daycare. You smile all the time these days, and we just love to see your happy face, and you coo all the time as well. You are continuing to work on holding your head up and it gets stronger every day. You are such a joy these days and Mommy and Daddy feel so fortunate to have such a sweet baby!

Monthly Comparison Pics:PicMonkey Collage-Month2

Weekly Comparison Pics:PicMonkey Collage-week2PicMonkey Collage-week4

PicMonkey Collage-week6PicMonkey Collage-week8

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Anna Catherine said...

I'm so excited I've gotten back into reading blogs when you got back into blogging!! Love the pictures! Can't wait to see that boy again!... and his Mama, too!