Monday, March 4, 2013

The Main Event!

So, I’m not even going to waste your time doing a weekend update this week.  If I did, it would be 2 sentences:  I was sick, and I worked.  The end!  Instead, I’m going to tell you a little about our wedding ceremony.  Patrick and I knew we wanted a Christian ceremony, and we asked Rick Britton who is the minister at St. Ann’s Episcopal Church here in Nashville to do the service.  Everyone said it was a very nice ceremony, and I agree.  First let me start with the procession.  The first to be seated were Patrick’s uncle and my aunt:

The next to be seated was Patrick’s Dad:

Then, Patrick’s Mom was seated.  She also lit a candle in memory of Patrick’s step-father (who he was really close to):

Last but not least, my Mom was seated by my brother:

Next up, the guys walked out from the side (don’t they all look so handsome?):

After the bridesmaids walked in, then came the flower girls.  Are these 2 not adorable?  How sweet!

This picture is so cute because this is almost precisely the time that Hannah freaked out because she couldn’t see and Adam (the best man) had to walk her off stage to her mother.  To this day, Alacia still feels bad about this, but Patrick and I both agree it just added a little character to the wedding!  =)

Then, it was time for me to see my groom for the first time!  I had been looking forward to that moment all day!

One thing I failed to think a whole lot about was the fact that my dress was very difficult to walk up stairs in (or to sit down in, for that matter).  You should have heard me begging my dad to be sure and not get in a hurry when we got up to those stairs…man were they steep!  Thank goodness he came through for me as I knew he would and was very helpful when we got to that part!

My friend, Elaine, who I met at my first internship in college and we have been good friends ever since, did a reading.

I absolutely love this picture of the ladies!  They all look so pretty!

First kiss as husband and wife!

The introduction of Mr. and Mrs. Sun!

This is one of my favorite wedding pictures!  I just love the look on our faces!

Well, that was our wedding ceremony!  Short and sweet, but just what we wanted!  I’ll be back soon with the after wedding pictures!  =)


Justin and Marcie said...

Gorgeous venue!!!! And fabulous pictures! You had a great photographer!

Meghan said...

That venue is amazing - and oh my gosh, YOUR DRESS! I am officially obsessed! It's stunning! Such a gorgeous bride!