Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend Update!

This past weekend was so fun that I didn't even take a single, solitary picture!  That almost never, ever happens, but this weekend, it did!

Friday night, Patrick, Zoey and I packed up Holly the Honda and headed East on I-40 to Strawberry Plains.  We haven't been to visit my family since August, so I was really looking forward to some good ole fashioned family time.

Saturday morning, my mom cooked us a yummy breakfast, and then, my beau, mom, brother and I headed to see TN play Missouri.  Despite the ending, we had a great time and it was an excellent game!  I do feel so bad for the kids though...they deserve so much more than a losing team.  I hope UT gets things worked out soon as far as football goes!  Seeing as how I was a UT student during the days of National Championships and SEC Championships, it's really hard to see the stands only 2/3 full and to actually be able to HEAR the band playing Rocky Top over the screams of all the fans.

After the game, we spent the remainder of the evening cooking out and watching the Alabama/Texas A&M game.  Apparently, Saturday was a day of excellent football.

Sunday, we headed to church and then to lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  After packing up the car to head back to Nashville, we couldn't leave town without visiting the sweetest little 8 month old on the planet!  Yep, we visited Andi, Rob and Sweet Kennedy.  She's such a sweet girl and her and Zoey had a great time.  Actually, I'm not so sure Kennedy had a great time with Zoey, but Zoey definitely had a great time with Kennedy!  I don't think either of them knew what to think about the other one.  =)

It was a great weekend, but as always, it feels so good to be Home Sweet Home.

What did you do this weekend?

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emily said...

I sure hope UT gets their act together, and fast. :)

Glad you had a fun weekend.